Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Met my goal today to

I got the rest of the 4-patches done as you read about the last post. Then on to another project. I swept the carpet in the kitchen under the table and did the carpet in the living room and dining room. Then went onto shampooing the three carpets.

The stove was acting up and so my husband worked on it and the carpets are drying now. By tomorrow morning I will re clean them and it should be good for 3 months again. It wasn't really dirty just spots.

I have been cruising through the blog and found so many ideas for future projects. I found purses, totes, quilts, table runners, but I didn't find any extra time by looking on the computer. Needless to say I should just get in there and sew. I know excuses and I guess you could call time spent as inspiration.

Well off to do laundry. Chris

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