Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wore out

No sewing, no pictures I'm exhausted. I forgot how quick and fast a 16 month old gets around. We had her two days this week and we could have had her today, but I have to deal with my Mother today. No wonder I haven't sewn anything for days.

We had two nights of thunder and lightening and torrential rains that kept me up. Then running after a baby is something else. Grandma's are suppose to keep up. At least she thinks so.

We also have beans to pick today. We picked two yesterday and know there are many more out there. So the canning begins. No tomatoes and no peppers yet. I had trouble with some of the tomatoes I canned last year so need to be doing more pressure canning with them. Some years they are bad and other years they are good for two years.

I have some hand sewing, but I sat numb last night and did nothing until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I see dust and things need picking up, but I think it will wait for another day or two. Beans come first. Chris

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