Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Melt down day

No I didn't swoon or faint or get sick. It was hot and I stayed in the house. Suppose to be worse today. Well the last week of having a little one caught up to me.

I needed a down day to regenerate this old body. I even slept in. Can't do that tomorrow. Have to be on the road to my Mother's by 5:45 am. She is having eye surgery tomorrow.

We just didn't get much done. Jeff and the neighbor man went out and pulled the bean plants. They had developed so much rust on the plants the beans were producing. To much rain early and they develop that rust color on the bean itself. So cleaned up tilled and replanted for a second crop.

Today laundry and hopefully the mood strikes me to sew. I need to clean off the sewing cabinet if I'm going to machine quilt on the quilt I pictured yesterday. Take less than 5 minutes to get done.

I made a delicious dinner last night. Stuffed cabbage rolls. I used cabbage we grew and it was so tasty. My husband ate more than usual last night and that made me feel good he enjoyed it.

I blanched the cabbage leaves and made like a meatball mixture and rolled it up in the leaves. Placed them in the cake pan and poured a quart jar of tomatoes onions and green pepper I canned over the top and then I make my own BBQ sauce and spoon over each roll. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees covered. Make a side dish and it was great. The meatballs in the center I made cooked rice hamburger, onion, bread crumbs and an egg. Mix it all together and make little larger than golf ball sized meatballs and roll inside the leaves.

They are great warmed up the next day for leftover also. Not sure what I will cook for today. I need to get some running done in the next couple days and pay some bills and get some groceries. We are getting closer to getting our roofing bought for the the garage. Coordinating all of it on fixed income is not fun. Next year we have to do the house roof and that will be almost $1000 more. But it will get done. Stay cool and safe storms heading our way already this morning. Chris

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