Monday, July 28, 2014


What Grandpa's won't do to entertain their Little Princess. This is a foldable shopping cart my MIL had in the assisted living place she lived. So we set the 17 month old in and walk her all over. They brought it into the house and she was in seventh heaven. 

Then he ran her up and down and up and down the ramp on the deck. She squealed. She was so tired I'm sure she went to sleep and just crashed again. Has to have the visor on now when she goes out and follows Grandpa everywhere. She really got mad when she had to stop to eat and also to leave. Grandpa was dragging last night after she left.  He even fell asleep in the chair. 

Memories of times with Grandpa. Chris 

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Julierose said...

What a great fun day--it is amazing what we sill do to entertain our grandchildren--they are just so sweet to visit with. Glad Grandpa got to sleep it off LOL!! Hugs, Julierose