Friday, July 25, 2014

All 10 complete

They are all complete. Yesterday when I went to the appointment I forgot my thimble. Also as it was I wouldn't have gotten anything done because it was a quick appointment. She was done and out of there in 15 minutes. No wait and no fuss. Things went so well it is amazing how they have advanced surgery in the last few years. 
Here is all 10 of them. We own a lot of wood tables and I hate water rings on my tables. Needless to say I want a coaster. My coffee cups are ceramics and the bottom ring is rough and this also protects the finish on the tables from scratches. Taken a while to finish, but they are complete now. 

This was a Dollar Store find. lots of years ago. I use to place paper napkins in them. It was forest green and wicker base. I painted it flat black and placed all the coasters in it so they are available to grab and use. These are washable and yet it was all scraps that was used. Waste batting and some older clothing thread that was used to. The gray binding on the one on the table was the cut off from a quilt back when it was finished being machine quilted. Nothing was new all older stuff or scraps leftover.

It is raining here and looks like it might for the better part of the day.  We have been waiting on a shipment of roofing materials to be delivered and of course it will be today in the rain. Chris

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