Saturday, July 5, 2014

Holiday is over

Today is a work day here. We have been painting shutters for a neighbor that is ill. Have to get them done today. We have weeds that need digging and I think I'm washing walls in my eating area in the kitchen. Dust is everywhere and it needs to be gone.

Suppose to rain today and I sure can feel it in my bones today.

I have fabric in the washer and getting ready to cut  it up for a baby quilt. With a little one on the way and the 16 month old we need quilts. Autumn thinks she can sleep in a big bed now or at least for naps so she wants her quilts for her naps. Can't share when they are that little.

Today is a struggle for me because I really fear the Winter ahead. Knowing it is getting closer bothers me. Yes I'm borrowing trouble, but as my Mother gets older and the reality is that things will be changing at some point is saying to me that I need to be more attentive to details. Some days I get lost in my own issues and don't look at the broader picture. Responsibility and all that comes with it are telling me to step up to the plate and see if I'm doing enough at the right times.

Being a caregiver for two people who have health issues isn't enjoyable at times.

Well off to the exercise bike and see if it helps with the aches and pains and then on to the next challenge. Have a great day. Chris

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