Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tried more sewing

It is early so I went out on the deck in my nightgown to get this picture. I know to much information. These take some time to make, but I like the business of them. They will be sashed with a calmer color. They are 10.5 inches square in this stage. Not sure if you can see it, but the small 4-patches are mostly two fabrics, but some I pieced are four different ones in the 4-patch. Makes the eye move a little more to find them. My twist on the blocks.  

A while back I asked about ordering used quilt books on Amazon. Wondered if the result were acceptable. I tried it with two books I wanted. I got this one in the mail the other day and it was fine. I think it was in a store and got opened and they couldn't sell it. Everything was there and it really in good shape, but reduced in price. 
I did order another book and it was used also. Rating on the reviews was really high for this seller and got no response and no book. Emailed them through Amazon at their request and no response again.  So you win some and loose some. I'm sure I would try this again, but not from the seller with no response. 

Thought over time I would make matching twin quilts for the new baby and Autumn. I'm sure growing up they will be sharing a room. Decided not to use white background, but maybe pale yellow. White and toddlers isn't good. Especially if they are tomboys like their older sister. Dirty shoes and fudgesicles don't work well on white. 

Suppose to rain again today. Was last night also and that didn't happen so we will see if it gets here today. Plan on trying to get some more sewing done. 

Have a great weekend. Chris 

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Julierose said...

Hi chris--I like your blocks--especially the ones with the brighter blue crosses--very pretty! How is that book? I have almost gotten in on Amazon, but not yet...hugs, Julierose