Saturday, July 19, 2014

Look whose here again

Autumn Grace arrived last night and is staying tonight also. Mommy has a house in another town and it is getting a new roof today. So it is going to be to much to take her so she is spending the night again. 

Her biological Mother is suppose to come to visit today so we will see how that goes,. She feel asleep a few minutes ago so she should be in rare form for her when she gets here. 

Needless to say the sewing is not going on for now. I have some handwork I can do while she has her visit. The stress of this happening is not fun for me, but it creates less stress than Dad doing it. 

She went shopping with me this morning and we found a new seat for the new baby that is on the way at a garage sale. So we had fun. Well I should be sewing now, but I need to unwind a little before the drama starts. Chris 

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Julierose said...

Oh she is so cute! what fun--I can't believe that our Willa will be one year old on August 25th!! Tempus Fugit for sure, Enjoy--hugs, Julierose