Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is wrong with me

There is a storm coming and I'm like the cows in the fields that ram each other or torment the one standing next to them. The barometric pressure is playing havoc with my mood. Yes you can predict a storm by the actions of 
livestock in the fields or pastures. It looks like kids deliberately pestering each other.

Today I have to find something to do or I will go mad. Tomorrow is tied up and today I can't do anything, but housework and sewing. Is that so bad? No, but I need to settle down to get started. The was is started, the dinner meat is out of the freezer,and I'm fed dressed and no where to go. Accept the sewing room. I want to get this done. 

I got some hand work to take with me to the hospital tomorrow and need to get some more binding sewn on my machine to be finished by hand. Wish me luck on focusing. Chris

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Pam said...

Good luck, Chris! I can sympathize - I get antsy and agitated and head to the sewing room (supposed to be soothing) and get a little overwhelmed - end up leaving without doing anything!! Those are usually good days for cleaning :)