Friday, July 4, 2014

Red White and Boom Day

July 4th. Where has the time gone this year? Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Fourth of July.
Today I got up early and thought I would try a reversal of colors normally they are low volume for the star part. This is the darker star with the lighter background.  Thought I might try some of these off and on and maybe will accumulate several over time to make something out of them. 

 I saw this quilt made up totally scrappy on Pinterest. No link, but it is really scrappy. 4 patches and then pieced together with random strips. Then there are 4 blocks like this pieced together randomly again to make the blocks for this top. Real scrap buster. Would make a good utility quilt for kids to drag around, but be colorful.
Yesterday at the back door there was a knock. It was the mail lady. She had a box for me. I was excited. I brought it in and couldn't wait to open it. My dear friend Amy send me a care package. Just because she cared. She was cleaning out her stash and she decided to get rid of some things. I was a recipient of some of her fabric. Thank you so much Amy. A true friend you are. It will be put to good use. 

Also when I opened it Autumn was here and she played with the fabric for quite a while. She loved the colors and she would pick them up and hand them to me. So she had fun with it also. 

Today we are having my Mother for grilled  burgers and some sides which I'm not sure what yet. Need to go to the store to get buns, green peppers, and something for dessert. Simple food, but her favorite. We never know how many more holidays we will have together so I try and include her in everyone. 

We see the fireworks in the distant sky from our back porch and don't hear all the noise and sit with the crowds. So our boom part is from a distance. Hope everyone has a great day and evening and all are safe. Chris

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