Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nothing has changed

Still a mess and not sure if it will change today. We are suppose to get the baby today while Mom has an appointment. So she is not content to just play by herself because she wants to show off while she is here. 

Been beautiful couple of days and we haven't had the A/C on so I'm sure it will change today. Can't have to many nice days in a row. Storms tomorrow. 

My days are running one into the other here. Nothing exciting going on. Trying to not spend money so we can buy the roofing materials at the end of the month to roof the garage. I have about all of it bought accept the shingles and the roofing paper. Little here and there doesn't  hurt the wallet all at one time. The thing that will hurt is the dumpster. It has to be paid for upfront. It will happen, but will make it tight the rest of the month. We will survive. 

Off to get ready for the little one. We will have her over the lunch hour so have to come up with her favorite meals. Mac and Cheese. What kid doesn't like mac and cheese. Chris

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