Friday, July 11, 2014


Yes, I just read it Polar Vortex returning in July for the Midwest. Which I am right in the middle of. It is caused by the Typhoon in Japan. 7-10 day worth of way below temps. Maybe no A/C for that time period and we have a roof to tear off and  do. Cooler weather doesn't hurt my feelings in the Summer just in the Winter.

I still haven't stitched one stitch. I'm up early, but not interested. Maybe I will get beans picked and start the canning and while waiting on batches do some hand stitching.

Where has this week gone? Seems like just yesterday was Monday and today is Friday already. The vacuum is still sitting where I finished with it when I worked on my kitchen. Need to move it. Sometimes other things just get in the way.

We went yesterday to see about roofing materials and to get an estimate. We found the kind of shingles we wanted, but they were at the high end of our budget.  In about 13 days we will order them and get them delivered. We need to call around for a dumpster and see how much that is. It is bad enough to buy the materials, but then all the add-ons cost a fortune. Dumpsters, staples, nails, drip edge, tar paper, and food to feed the help. Hopefully nothing extra at the last minute will need to be purchased.

We found a lumberyard that delivers for free which is a good thing too. Some charge anymore. Always something when you own a home. Stay cool Chris

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