Saturday, July 26, 2014

We got the roofing and he couldn't wait to start. I said do the shed first. Where we live the rules are you are to have all roofs the same color. The shed roof was ok, but this way it is all the same color. 

Up and down and he got the smaller side worked on in a few hours. These are different shingles than what was on it so they have a pattern to lay them out to look right. So it will take a little thinking to complete the process right. Kind of like quilting. This step first then the next one.  

 I have had my camera for almost 7 years and didn't realize you could focus it like this. I am standing in the same spot as what I was for the first two pictures. Now look out better shot will be taken. On the shed he is layering over the old shingles. They look like shake shingles and the color is better than what we saw as a sample in the store we bought them from.
The top is the old black ones which is being cover over. So today maybe he can get the back side done to reach the top and get the old ridge caps off and replace them with the new ones. 

This is the failing roof on the garage and you can see why we need to replace it. Believe it or not it doesn't leak. We had a contractor build the garage and the shingles he bought have been failing for about 5 years. The garage is only 12 years old. Of course he is out of business and the place where he bought the shingles is too. Sad when that happens, but it happens a lot. 

The weekend is here and we have the baby. Visitation time and I'm not thrilled, but if we can be outside some of the time it helps. Weather is suppose to get back to hot and humid today. Chris

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