Saturday, July 12, 2014

Working with someone else's scraps

Lots of pictures. I'm using some elses's scraps. I bought these at a thrift store. no clue what the person was going to use them for, but I ripping them apart and resewing them.

As you can see they had the small seam sew end for end. I need to long seam sewn for what I'm going to do. 

After ripping them apart I try and pair them up for interest because they are going to be 4-patches

This is still a pile I need to rip apart and resew. I'm thinking she was going to make a brick quilt. 

Everyone's 1.5 inches are different. I know after frustration of the 4-patches not matching I measured and sure enough they were different. So lining them up sewing my seam and cutting from the seam allowance. As you can see the red is showing out from underneath the yellow. They were suppose to be the same size strips. 

After measuring from the seam allowance that I sewed I now have a piece ready to segment into 1.5 inch segments. It was just s liver, but it makes a difference when trying to get this to look right.

 Here re my two segments all cut and ready to sew. Opposing seams and I'm ready to make 4-patches.
They are 2.5 inch unfinished 4-patches when sewn to this point. So if you are using unfamiliar scraps check you measurements. Especially if you didn't cut them to make sure they are to your specifications.  

I went back to the Thrift shop because my Mom wanted an electric typewriter and they had one reasonable. After I left there went to a yard sale and found these two items. They are 6-9 mos. in size. The new baby will be born in Sept. so we need Winter and Fall items for her.  

 The coat is so soft and really cute.
One piece snowsuit is nice and thick lining and has hand covers and footies all attached. Should be warm for a new baby this Winter. I got these two items for $5. Stay cool warm out there. Chris

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Julierose said...

Great scrap find!! And that snow suit is lovely--good deals!! hugs, Julierose