Sunday, July 6, 2014

Endless sewing

Never seem to get the 9-patches finished. Well here is and explanation. I'm piecing three quilt tops at once with the 9-patches. I have all this stuff cut and decided to work with just this block for now. Dancing 9-patches, 9-patches on point, and 9-patch and wonky stars together. Then I need to go back and finish some of the other things I have started. I'm bad about finishing. Really bad!

This is all my patches laid out so I can randomly pick a color to add to the next step in the process. I flip them over and grab another handful when they get used up. Variety is the key. You see my ear buds. I watched a Netflix movie today called "Lawless". All about moonshiners. It was a busy movie and I caught myself watching and not getting much sewing done.  

Got 6 of my coasters made and working on another 10. I plan on making some more for gift purposes. They come in handy for that. Fun to do for something when you are bored. This next week need to get some more cleaning done. I think I will get about done in August to only start on Fall housecleaning then. Woman's work is never done. Have a good day. Chris

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