Thursday, July 3, 2014

Same old story never gets done de-cluttering

I have plenty of these spots in my house. This is the counter that wraps from the kitchen into the living room. When we get the baby unexpectedly we throw things up there she shouldn't be handling. Well it is a bit much and it needs picking up today. And we get her for a few hours today.

This mess never gets finished. I start on another pile and it creates three more. I spent the day yesterday running after my Mother and also helping my husband weeding out in the flower beds and treating for weeds. So today it is baby day and trying to figure out what else I can do. I want to spend a whole day in there, but it never happens. 

I need to find a different meal plan for the rest of the summer. At the last minute we are fixing a salad and just a piece of meat. Need to find a better balanced meal more vegetables. My husband is not a casserole person. His Mother worked in the Eye Clinic Office for years. His Father was and optometrist and she didn't have time for gourmet meals. So casseroles were her choice. He wants nothing to do with them. 

Today is the last day of being cool outside. Back to high 80's and 90's this next week. So need to enjoy the windows open today. Stay cool Chris

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