Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Thinking again. Dangerous! I have been a blog follower, lurker and reader for a long time. I like to see what others are doing. Whether it is quilting, designing or the cutting and sewing process. Short cuts and new techniques intrigue me.

Ok here its the observation.  As a person becomes more well known for their abilities they become less involved with the blogging end of their journey. Some posted at least once a day and others several times a day. Now there is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and who know what other group to be involved with.

I miss the witty posts of some quilters and miss the educational stuff from others. Many of these techy things are over my head. I don't own a smart phone and don't intend to. No iPad, I have a computer and laptop and I'm beyond my capabilities with that someday.

I was on a Facebook group and it became petty and rude and I left. I deal enough of that stuff in my everyday life. I think I will still be on my blog and if you read it thank you for your support. I think a lot of time is wasted to see who out does the next person. I'm at my snail pace and will continue trudging along. Hope you enjoy the journey. Chris

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