Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tried a couple of these

My 4-patches were just naked I thought. So I added courthouse steps to them to make bigger blocks.  
The 4-patches are 2 inch squares sewn into 4-patches. The courthouse steps are 1.5 inch strips. Remember I have tons of strips cut so it makes it easier to just pull out of the bin. I have a light bin and a dark bin of 1.5 inch strips. 

This makes an interesting block. This finishes at 9.5 inch blocks. I will try and make some more today in between returning materials and purchasing some others for the roof. We will be done with the roof on the garage today. Which is pretty good for old folks working on it. 

Beautiful day. Chris  


Jean said...

Thanks for another good idea for all my scraps. Beautiful weather here, but we could use some rain.

Sewpokey said...

Maybe I should do that with my 4 patches....was getting tired of just seeing them alone