Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Almost to the end

I made all the matching 4-patches. Well this is the end of the bag of scraps. These are the smaller scraps from the bag and I matched them up this morning and stitched the logs together. They are in the [process of being trimmed and segmented. There is a small pile of them finished on the left side of the pressing board. I can use these as corner stones with sashing on scrappy quilts.

I was surprised how far the bag of scraps went. You just never know what you will find when you thrift store shop. Yes it is older fabric, but all good quality. Scrap quilts use what ever you have old or new. Makes for interesting looks.

The baby is coming today to stay all day and over night. She is growing so fast that we needed to change diaper sizes and all her Summer clothes are not fitting anymore. Not a good thing half way through the Summer. Have to see what I can find to finish out the Summer. I walked away from clothing because I thought she was set.  Well fooled me.

Stay warm today. 50 degrees over night in July is crazy. We had a record low since 1962. Chris


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Julierose said...

I would --almost--welcome 50 degrees at night--here it is now 73 degrees and the dewpoint is also 73!! I really dislike humid days! As i age (what? Who me?? lol) it seems more and more difficult to withstand the humidity. I don't really mind heat--but dry heat is what I like.
I love your little 4-patches..I can't wait to start my 9-patches...but first to finish up projects on the machine--set up for quilting. Hugs, Julierose