Monday, July 28, 2014

Managing Strips

I haven't sewn in days. Been to much going on. Need to get back into it and I decided to start with managing the strips. I have so much to do in there and yet I'm stifled because of all the confusion. I need to trim more scraps up and it is getting overwhelming.  

Micro managing the mess is my goal. Today I need to get some surfaces cleaned and ready to do some more work done. 

After two hours I got a bucket cut up. They are 2 inch squares. Yes I know small pieces, but that is what I enjoy working with. These scraps were from my Thrift Store purchases. Little or nothing for a great selection of quilting fabrics. Not something you find every time you go out and find. But keep looking never know what you will find. Chris

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Julierose said...

Good for you Chris; funny, I just sat down from cutting 2" squares for a little postage stamp picture quilt I want to make for my granddaughter.
It is a lot of cutting for sure. I just did the background ones from a white on white cloth that I tea dyed. Just think of all the pieces you now have ready to go! Hope you can get back in sewing mode...hugs, Julierose