Friday, July 11, 2014

Finally got to the machine this evening

Color on this is awful. Will try and take again tomorrow. I call this nearly insane. It is mini 4-patches sewn into more 4-patches then sewn into a larger 4-patch. I saw this on Pinterest and it was a vintage quilt. No credit was given for the maker. I tried making the first block with 2 inch squares. Nice sized when completed. I didn't have a lot of squares cut in that size so thought what do I have to make it scrappier. 

On one of my 50% off shopping trips to the Senior Thrift shop I found a bag full of 1 5/8 inch strips sewn end for end. Random lengths. So for $1.50
I got this gallon sized bag full of them. I am cutting two stitches and ripping them apart and sewing them together on the longer side. Trimming them to 1.5 inch strips and then cutting them again to 1.5 in. on the cross of the seam to make 4-patches. So they are 2.5 inches and then I used 1 inch strips to sash them together into a 4-patch block. Then four blocks with more 1.5 inch strips. This will be sashed together with other blocks this size with a 2.5 inch sashing and a 2.5 inch corner stone. I will try and get a few more of these made in the morning and see if I can't pick out a fabric for the sashing I will use through out the whole quilt.

Think a twin size for a couch quilt will work. I will be insane when I get to that point.  When I run out of these little strips I have tubs of 1.5 inch strips and 1 inch strips I can make into more elements for this block. I'm still making 9- patches to. I am doing leaders and enders at this point. Trying to get out of the boring process and do something different.

Jeff picked beans today and I canned 6 quarts. Six more meals of vegetables ready for this Winter.

Suppose to get rain for several days so plan on stitching and trying to clean another corner out. Today I went to the Senior Thrift store and they has 50% off clothing. Got three men's 100% cotton shirts there and went to my Mother's and their was a garage sale and gorgeous men's shirts all for a $1.00 and I bought 6 of them there.   What my husband doesn't want to wear I will cut and turn into fabric for scrap quilts.

Speaking of husband he is outside work on some wood working project. Maybe I should go see if the bugs have carried him off yet. Chris

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