Sunday, January 10, 2016

1.5 inch strings

This is an hour and a half of stitching and pressing then trimming. They aren't all turned the right way, but you can see the variety of 1.5 inch strips that I used.

The colors are a little mute because of the light I had on. These will be cut crosswise to use with the HST solid colors I showed you last night. There are 14 of these strings today and they will make 28 blocks. I stopped there because I ran out of cut telephone paper squares for my foundation. 

I use the foundation pieces because you are stitching and pressing to an angle and I think that the foundation helps them from getting distorted while handling. You can stitch the strings with out foundations, but I get off kilter and it looks like a 2 year old did them. 

Today right now it is 1 degree F. The windchill is of course below zero. I think today will be a stay at home day. 

My husband was up really early and he is back in bed. Still battling with this cold virus. Maybe a pot of soup today. I can also make some Italian bread to go with it. Side salad would be nice to. Now I am hungry. 

Laundry is in order also. I can sew in between chores. Hope your day is safe and warm where you are. Chris 

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