Thursday, January 14, 2016

My day yesterday

One window is installed. Seems like it took for ever but the other thing they were doing at the same time was they took the siding off the house and wrapped the house with the house wrap and this will protect the house from moisture and wind.

I had the girls yesterday also and they were little pistols. They know the contractor he is a friend of their Father's, but they were not sure about him being at Grandma's house. He should only be at Dad's house.

It was a long day and my husband was stressed to say the least. As he gets older he doesn't handle all the confusion.

Today is another window and wrap day. Suppose to be warmer today.I need to get to the store and also get to the garbage.

We have things that need moving in the kitchen area where the window goes today and I need to finish cleaning in the bedroom from yesterday. That won't take to long to finish.

Well going to make my list and get to the store after bit. Chris

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