Monday, January 4, 2016

Yesterday afternoon sewing

After my shocking find and beating myself up because I wasted a year of no sewing. Well I had a few things on my plate through 
 out the year. I had 2 inch squares on the sewing table. I turned on the iron and the radio and started in sewing. This is some of the duplicates of the squares I used in the earlier 4-patches. So I matched them up and got 14 blocks so far out of it. They are 6.5 inches. After pressing them I thought now what am I going to do with them.
As I was cutting the cardboard box of Mom's fabric the other day there was a larger piece of red print that I thought could be used as sashing. I grabbed it this morning and thought about using it for a alternate block to the 16-patches. Simple setting, but it makes a statement also. 

Need some twin sized quilts for grand kids and thought I have enough of the red to do the top this way. Using up cut scraps also and it will be an extra quilt with little ones in potty training mode. Never have enough bedding when they are little. 

This is a Moda fabric from 1995. This was in my Mother's stash. If you can't read it it is a Linda Brannock and Jan Patek fabric. Still in great shape and enough for what I need. 

Some people feel they have to have new fabric. Well at this point I don't care if it is new fabric. I will make every effort to use up what is here at my disposal. 

Today I have to run the vac. The chunks and threads are getting deep. No not really just trying to stay ahead of the mess. Hope you have a good day. Chris

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