Sunday, January 31, 2016


That is a good term. Motivation.....
I am not having much today. I did get up and decided to get the rest of the HST's I have paired up squared up. The pile on the right still need trimming. 

We have weather coming, but they are not predicting amounts yet. They are not sure where it is going to go. Some weather models say one thing and others say something else. Monday night thru Wednesday morning. So we are on hold as to whether we get much. Now for today they are saying rain with a mix of snow. 

My husband is going to work in the garage today to start on the trim work for the windows. We have bought some wood for three windows and we will get more as we get to those windows. In humid weather wood can twist and warp quickly. So a little at a time and then we can keep it in better shape. 

I think I am going to the store and get some more meat. I am going to try and use my pressure cooker more and a few things can be more tender and they would be a cheaper cut of meat. 

Cleaning should be done to so we will see how far I get. Chris  

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Carol said...

your crazy blocks look nice...i am about 1 1/2 hr drive south of you near peoria mostly rain for us....weatherman says north of us gets snow our temps will determine it i suppose....have a happy sewing day