Sunday, January 10, 2016

Recycled Denim patches

Lots of stitching and I think I need more to make the extra long twin size. I have the extra long part figured out, but I need the extra width. I still an digging for denim, but I keep finding it and cutting as I go. If I make this pattern again it will be a different fabric other than denim. The pressing is iffy at best. 

This is busy and lots of color. I work on some of it off and on as I get stuck with something else. I have not used it as leader and enders project, but as I get bored with something else. I usually have several things in the works at one time. I need to try and finish this up over the next week. I do have one top ready to be pinned and one being quilted. I think I am making progress it just doesn't really look like it when I start something else. My sewing desk is full of fabric that needs to be stitched. I have cut pieces and strips everywhere. 

Organization no. Chaos yes, but I work that way I guess. It isn't as bad as it use to be before Taylor came and helped me straighten it up. 

Well back to the chain and ball. I am taking a few minute break and going to start some soup. Chris

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