Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Quick Note

I know many of you think I am crazy, but I do have a plan forming in my gourd, head. Soon I will be making quilts to put away for my Grandkids for their future.

No one is really interested in learning or has the passion I have for sewing. Maybe one of the little girls will be interested. Taylor knows how to sew, but school, work, and friends are more important to her now. I remember those days. Course that was a century ago.

The boys will not have wives or girlfriend who will sew. It isn't a cool hobby. Well I think it is, but it can be very expensive. You figure your materials time and utilities it is very expensive. But the passion is here for me.  

The Note for today is to move forward at a speed that is comfortable to you, but productive.

Thoughts: call me crazy, call me obsessed, or call me happy with my hobby. Chris


Katie M. said...

Chris, I didn't get interested in sewing until my mid 20's. I wanted pretty little things for my little girls and couldn't afford to buy them. I have never looked back! It's a nice skill for people to know and sometime they may actually have to use it. My g-sons know how to use a sewing machine and so do my g-daughters... Who knows, you may have a quilter in the bunch waiting to bloom!
As for making quilts for future grands or great-grands, I think that's an awesome idea!

sewyouquilt2 said...

that is an awesome idea to have quilts for future Grands. I am lucky I have a niece who is 24 and loves to sew with me. we have a ball together creating.
I count my lucky stars every day....love it!

Carol said...

i taught my gd to sew when she was 7...she is interested now at 27 but life and trying to make her way in life is getting in the way but in her later years i think she will pick it up again...for me its like sewing is an addiction...just cant do without it in my life...