Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pictures later today

My mind is on overtime this morning. I have a lot going on in there.

1. Hobby or job?
2. Focus or mindless?
3. Obsessed or enjoyable?

These are the things haunting my mind this morning. I want to enjoy the process. Maybe I am overthinking this whole process.

You know how mind boggling overthinking things are? Well I wonder if there is going to be a burn out again and yet the mood is there stay with it.

I have determined my passion is still there and I think until I loose that passion I need to stay focused. I am not like others that this is an income so I can walk away for periods of time if I need to..

This last year and all the events have proven that I still want to be involved. My life was turned on edge for 9 months and yet I went back to it. And I know in the future I will have another spell of events in life interfering.

Today is another day and another set of events that we have to deal with as they come. Hopefully each and everyone of you have the day you want. Chris

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