Saturday, January 23, 2016

More stitching and pressing

I am still working a little at a time. Yesterday I got quite a bit done. We finally have all the windows in and the siding is all replaced. So we are only left with the task of finishing the inside. Here is a layout of some of the 16-patches with the pinwheel block pieces laying beside it. The pinwheels are not sewn together yet. I have 160 of the HST's made for the pinwheels. About 130 more to go. 

Here are the HST's I have been working on at the same time. When I cut I did three sizes of HST's to get this sewing adventure farther down the road. This has lots more to do on it, but a little at a time is getting some progress made. 

Here are the 16-patches I cut into 4 square diagonally. Then I added the solid looking HST's to the outside edges. This is a more modern twist to an old classic look. I have sewn up all the larger HST's so need to cut more to keep this going. 

Today we have my Son , Grandson and the contractor coming back to get the leftover siding out of our garage. My son wants to make some storage sheds and the used siding will be perfect. Nothing is wrong with the siding, just wasn't enough to finish the sides. The pieces were to short because the new windows had different size frames than the old ones and it would have left gaps that we didn't want. 

So now the utility bills year round should be a little easier to pay. When you live on a fixed income doing what ever you can to seal up the air pockets really helps to keep the utility bills at a minimum. Our house is a lot quieter. We don't hear the traffic from the road. Also no drafts around the windows. And today he is going to seal the windows on the inside so there is little chance of air and moisture leaking in. 

Doing little other than sewing off and on and picking up the leftover paperwork and cleaning up the garage from all the work that has happened over the last couple weeks. Stay warm and safe Chris

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