Friday, January 8, 2016

Working towards a finish

This is what I am trying to get enough stitching done to finish this top.

These are pieces I have been working on as I need something to keep myself busy. Some days no focus is there so I stitch squares.

Here is my sewing desk. Multiple squares to pick and choose to pair together. This is part of my efforts to get things cut up. The more the variety the longer I can stitch. This is what I call power sewing. Pickup pair and stitch.  

These are all parts to finish the top I have started with the recycled denim.

Today we are starting a project that will last about a week. The trailer came for the contractor and he is coming to get started on window replacement. He is taking the siding off the house and wrapping the house with house wrap also. It will make it warmer and less likely to be drafty. We have gone a long way with securing the draft spots over time. 

So in between sewing and helping to get areas from the inside cleared away from windows I have no plans for today. They will start in the extra bedroom or the kitchen and work until they get done with the room from the outside. 

Starting to feel more like a human being. It has been a long haul trying to get over this never ending crud. Everyone locally you talk to says it is bad and I agree.  

We have some very jealous neighbors and when they get up this morning they will see a contractors trailer in my drive and I am sure we will be the talk of the neighborhood. Keep them guessing. Have a good day. Chris

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Suz said...

Your quilt is going to be very pretty. I can relate with being frustrated. I can never plan my day either. It always seems to be planned for me.