Friday, January 1, 2016

Jan. 1, 2016

Ok I typed it right do you think I will write it right for about three months. No! it will be 2015 forever.

Today the girls went home they were hear all day yesterday and last night. Daddy came and got them. So after laundry and dishes and picking up I took a nap because I had a sick baby last night that wanted Grandma. so I didn't sleep well. After a nap which I didn't sleep well again I went in and did some pressing and some sewing. I made 60 4-patch blocks to make more of the 4-patch and denim blocks. I had a tub with cut 2 inch squares and the other day I sat and sewed after winding bobbins Today the pressing happened and then the 2-patches sewn into 4-patches.

I did Get them pressed. I need to make an effort to cut out the 3.5 inch denim  squares.  I think tomorrow is going to be cutting day.

I made out a goal list the other day and one of the top things was to cut scraps and fabric for three hours a week to stay ahead of the need. I really think this fabric sitting here needs to be cut. The other thing is nothing gets made if it isn't cut up in to different sizes. Stash is stash, but what does it do for you other than lay there and collect dust.

I thought about several different topics for future posts. Pressing, cutting, thread choices, needles and batting choices. So stayed tuned see where this conversation takes us. Chris

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