Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sorry about that

After I posted the posting this morning I got sick to my stomach. Nothing serious. The antibiotic I was taking said to take it on an empty stomach and wait an hour to ear. Well before the hour was up it hit me.

I didn't feel like doing much the rest of the day.

The contractor to put in my windows is on his way to leave his work trailer in my drive. He is coming tomorrow to start on replacing windows. I have ten to replace.

I hope things get calmed down soon. I am feeling better, but I need some down time.

I read an article today that said when a woman looses her Mother she never totally gets over it. I really think this is true. Some days I am fine and then a few days later every time I turn around I am brought to tears over nothing.

Hopefully it gets easier as time goes by. Sorry no pics maybe tomorrow. Chris  

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