Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thsi is what I am excited about

The picture was taken by my phone so not as good as I would like. I will get better picture today.

We had a solid center and sliders on the picture window before. This is an upgrade for me. I like the advantage of being able to open the center part of the window, More air can be circulated.

We ran into an issue with replacing the siding. The frames on the new windows is different then the old ones were the siding is cut for the old frames we don't have it fit properly. So we have to reside the two long sides of the house to make it meet up. Just $500 more. At least it wasn't more. The siding will come on Wed.

It is going to be so cold it wouldn't be a good time to try and work outside anyway. So we have trim work to do on the inside and we will get that measured up and get the lumber ordered. Not sure of what we plan on using yet. We have talked about it and need to go and look at prices and what is available.

The window is in and installed in the sewing room so I can now move things around better and not have to stumble over things set out of the way so they had access.

As soon as we decide on what colors we are painting the rooms then I will look for drapes and curtains. Long slow process getting this all together. I plan taking it a room at a time to get it to the stage we want it.

Living room and kitchen will be first. Then onto the bedrooms and sewing room. I need a plan and hopefully I can find paint on sale one of these days to get this all started. I do have the wallpaper for the kitchen so it will get started first. Chris

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