Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trimming day

Today we are in trimming mode. Lots to get ready for the next step in the pinwheel blocks. They need to be 3.5 inch squares.

Using my lines on my mat I can get a true 45 degree angle with the lines of pieced squares and the lines on the mat.

3.5 inches square is important to make things work. 

 Slivers are all it is, but a sliver here and there end up inches when the quilt is done.
These are the string squares I pieced on telephone book pages.

I cut into two diagonally to make the HST pieces for the blocks I am making for the blocks.

Because I stitched with 1.5 stitch length it perforates easy and comes off. This is work for watching TV. 

Here is a pile of slivers to true up the squares. Off and on today they will get trimmed. This comes from stitching errors and cutting errors, but it is small so we can make them a true 3.5 inch square to make the blocks square when we go to complete the rows. Yes it is a time consuming job, but it pays off in the end.

We are to be fairly warm today and we didn't get snow. So today I need to go to the store. Tomorrow I have to take a neighbor to the dentist and I will prep some hand work to go. Stay safe. Chris

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Katie M. said...

getting something accomplished is a good thing. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.