Friday, January 29, 2016

Sewing stopped and this happened instead

Well it doesn't look like much, but it is a start on the new kitchen. 

I got a new microwave/hood about two weeks ago and I was waiting on help, but that didn't happen. so we took it down and the wallpaper is getting replace so I peeled back the wallpaper that was up against the old one. My husband and I with some extra tries got it to go up. It wasn't as heavy as I thought just hard to hold above shoulder height.

It is a neat one because it has a tray that can be used inside along with the turn table. It is a 1000 watts. Should heat anything we want. Now the ugly stuff starts. Removing wallpaper is the next step. 

I can be doing that while he is working on the trim on the windows. So each day I will take another spot and get it stripped. We bought a steamer so we will see how it works. 

The sewing stopped while we were doing that. Now I have to think about supper and also get some garbage taken care of. You know all the boxes and foam packing. Chris  

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