Sunday, January 3, 2016

Went searching and about fainted

As my Granddaughter was packing things away I was sorting and pitching things that day. We spent hours in there going through things a pitched a bunch. I went looking for denim to make more of the 4-patch and square in a square block. Well I found denim and about fainted when I search through this very large container. It was under the cardboard box I was cutting from so I didn't pay much attention. The white item is a dust ruffle don't know how it got in there. LOL

As I dug down a layer I found all this much of it I forgot I had. Some was gifted and some was thrift shop finds. Well what was I thinking I had no fabric before I got my Mother's???

This was down a second layer and there is much more in the bottom. I have enough to make my sewing projects for the next 100 years. As I go through it I maybe will be donating some of it to the thrift shop. They help Seniors pay for their prescription drugs that they can't afford to buy.

Then I looked up and all those tubs have scraps to sew or be cut. Where was I that day? I think it was the day before Thanksgiving meal we were having and I had my mind on cooking. Mind you she didn't do a bad thing it is all good, but I guess I was blind to what I had. 

Then turn to this wall with all the cut tubs and I just keep thinking 48 hours in a day still wouldn't get it all sewn. Poor kids she asked me if she got everything I didn't get sewn and I said if she wanted it and she just rolled her eyes. I told her not to worry about it. Kids!!! off to get something done. Chris I guess I have to live forever.

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