Sunday, January 3, 2016

More cutting and Wallpaper

Got up this morning and did some more cutting. Only about 1 1/2 hours this time. I am trying to sort out larger yardage pieces as I go. My Mother stacked her stash according to colors. Didn't matter how much yardage was on the pieces. Some are very suitable for sashing pieces or backings. 

Here are some of the tubs with piles of strips. You can see the trash can with all the crocked pieces also. I have gone through several yards of fabric and cut into more usable sizes for my style of sewing. 

This is a jigsaw puzzle my husband started before Christmas and had to take apart and start over. We needed the table for Christmas dinner. It is a 2000 piece puzzle and challenging. It is done now and I will pick it up today. Lots of work, but he enjoys doing them.

We have debated for months what to do with our kitchen. The paper we had on it was about 6-7 years old and starting to show some wear and tear. so we went to Menard's because they had an 11% sale going on and yesterday was the last day. We had a rebate from them and so that bought a steamer to remove the wallpaper. Then we stopped by the mailbox on the way home and I had a refund check from a deposit in the mail. That paid for the rest of the stuff. The wallpaper steamer and paste plus scrapers we only spent out of pocket $10. Win Win. 

This is a rustic look of a plastered wall. It is a darker tan background and off white raised surface. This wallpaper is textured and it is paint able. I will use it the way it is for a period of time and then paint it later on. It is a forgiving paper because it is heavier and less likely to show imperfections in the wall. I know a lot of work, but a clean finish when done. 

The other thing we want to do is get the imitation looking metal ceiling tiles for the back splash behind the counters. I found a oil bronzed look and I think it will add to the look we are trying to achieve. We have another rebate coming so when it gets here we will use it for that. 

The shiny look of the paper is in plastic rolls. It is a matte finish on the paper.  Off to pickup the room the girls play in and change the bed in there. A little at a time and today should be done. 

My husband got up sick to his stomach this morning so it will be a quiet day here. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

nice paper. it is always nice to make changes to our home. makes you feel good. and to get it at a savings makes it all the sweeter.
you go girl!