Saturday, January 2, 2016

Cutting for 3 1/2 hours today

I decided to cut today. I also talked about low volume fabrics. When we first quilted in the 70's talk was of neutrals or antique men's shirtings. Neutral were light grays and off whites, whites and tans. Most of us thought of bleached muslin, unbleached muslin and tea dyed muslin. Today they are called low volume. Basic light or pastel backgrounds with little prints on them or a light solid with a small print in lighter colors. I cut a whole stack of them into three sizes of strips. 1.5 inches, 2 inches and also 2.5 inches. They were stored in tubs with the sizes listed on the outside to be later cut into sizes of squares or logs to work up in blocks. 

This is printer paper case box. It was holding some of the fabric that came from my mother's. It didn't have room in a better tub so I used it temporarily. Because it was cardboard I wanted to get it cut up and stored better. The box was overfull and now has a small stack I will work into a better storage unit. 

These are the 2 inch stack and the 2.5 inch stack. These were mostly less than a fat quarter or not more than a 1/2 yard piece. 

I decided in one of my low moments that the stash wasn't doing anyone any good being stored and not used. I think having fabric is nice, but if it is collecting dust or getting faded from being folded and exposed to light what good is it. I decided I would start cutting a couple hours a week and start using it up. There is always more fabric to buy. Right????

In the next couple days I will get out another color selection and get more cut. At some point I will need to sew like crazy and get things assembled. I have several patterns in my head that will take many many blocks to complete. 

We went to the lumberyard and they had a sale on. Today was the last day. We bought flooring for the kitchen and we needed to do something with the walls. I wallpapered about 6-7 years ago and it needs replacing.  We have debated over what to do for about 6 months. Then life got in the way and we put it on hold. 

We bought a wallpaper steamer and also textured wallpaper that can be painted. It looks like rustic plaster. It will work with the flooring well and when I am tired of the color of it I can paint over it. That means I need to find new curtains for the windows and see if I can find something with a linen look to it. The wallpaper is unbleached muslin look over a darker tan color. It is a neat texture feel to it. So I am sure my husband will start on it tomorrow. Taking off wallpaper is not fun. 

I will take pictures and let you know if we are crazy or not. I am sure we are crazy. Chris  

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sewyouquilt2 said...

sounds like a lot is going on at your house. we too are trying to make improvements both in the house and the sewing room.
I may have a new to me machine soon. someone I know had one she wants to part with for a few bucks. mine is on the fritz at the moment so I will be glad to get back to sewing. have been working on my knitting UFOs in the meantime.