Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lots going on

Lots of cutting going on. Lots of color choices. 

I am making HST's for the Pinwheel blocks to go with the 16 patches I made. I did get all 72 16 patch blocks all made. Now I need to get them stitched into 71 pinwheel blocks to go with the other ones. Lots of stitching. 

Today I am getting a lot done besides. Went to the store for groceries and doing laundry. I washed my pillows and all my bedding. Need to get the rest of the room put back together. 

I am getting into the swing of trying to get some done everyday. We haven't gotten the rest of the windows in yet because it is so cold out. Today is better, but it is only 10 degrees out. Tomorrow I am sure more will happen. 

Stay warm and keep on sewing. Chris

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