Saturday, January 9, 2016

Here is what I was naughty with

Strings and solid colored triangles. Well what do you think? Colorful for sure.

I used 6.5 inch squares from the telephone book. Then I used 1.5 inch strips to cover the squares. Then squared them up and cut them diagonally across the strips. I then cut 6.5 inch solid squares and cut diagonally. Stitch the two triangles together and press towards the solid colored triangle.

There are several layouts that can happen. I just wanted to show the colors together. Hint: Make sure you decrease your stitch length when stitching the strings on the paper so it rips off easier. The finer stitches help perforate the paper. I use telephone book pages because the ink doesn't smear on them unlike it does on newspaper.

Lots of thread, but I am using up odds and ends of sewing thread for this piecing. Bobbins are different colored than the top thread. If the Quilt Police come after me they can take me. I don't plan on ripping it out and redoing it. I am at a point in my life that the small things like the color and type of thread really don't matter.

Quilters who machine quilt use 100% polyester thread. So a cotton/polyester thread should be half way right. I have been given tons of thread and as long as it is good to better quality I use it. If I am sewing on white background fabric I do use light gray or white for sure.

Use you imagination. Color is important so use the colors that make your heart sing. Chris

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