Friday, January 29, 2016

Back at it

Got part of the room put back together after getting the inside insulation done on the windows. That was frustrating yesterday plus a few other things. These are the HST's nestled together to do the stitching. With opposing seams lay well with each other it makes it easy to stitch.

This is where they come together into the pinwheel blocks. I have had to really watch I don't make a mistake and get them turn to the correct position. I got 20 of the 71 stitched together and pressed. Still have a few more to trim and then I can stitch more of them into pinwheels. 

I do not like making them so this is going a long way for me to make 71 blocks. I don't like the bias'.

See how the 16-patches and the pinwheel blocks will look when they are all set together. This is a Lynette Jensen pattern. 

I have had a debate going on in my head. No not a political debate, but a should I buy or not debate. I think the Accuquilt Go Cutter would be nice, but I have had pros and cons yelling in my head. 

I  had my husband look at a video on You Tube to see what the product does and we talked and he thought it was a nice product, but for me it wouldn't get used as much I would imagine it would. They showed using the value dye and that you had to have strips cut about 1/2 inch larger than the cut pieces. He said isn't that a waste? 

He said as much as you use these pieces you would be replacing the mat and the dyes and it would really be an investment. So the practical person in me finally wrestled with the decision. I have decided not to purchase it. I can buy lots of blades and rulers for the amount of money I would spend on the dyes and cutter. 

I think it is a good idea and many big time quilters use it a lot, but not for my application will it work as much as I would use it.  Did I tell you 65% of my heritage is Scottish and they are penny pinchers. LOL

Sun is out and my mood is resigned to changes I am not liking, but can't control so I am picking up the pieces and moving forward. Sad to say things change in our lives and stepping into the next stage isn't always easy. Well enough I said I am ok and trying to get the next step towards a better outcome. Chris

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Carol said...

Ihad to laugh at your comment about being scottish as i am too and often get teased about being too conservative and in keeping things too long ...i like to think of it as being the early years of raising a family a person had to be are just fine the way you are!