Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Working at it

I have a table set up in my living room. This is a personal adjustable table. I can set it to the height I need it and I can sit to cut. I know others stand to cut. I have back issues so I found this table works for me. My husband is tolerant up to a point with the mess. I do move it, but as he says he didn't think quilting would take over the whole house. 

This is the small end pieces of the strips. You can believe it is a lot of strips at this point. Now they are squares. I cut for about an hour yesterday while cooking dinner. Then last night for about an hour and a half. This morning for about an hour and a half. My goal was 3 hours a week, but then I found all the small pieces I forgot I had. So I am on a mission to get things done. 

You ask why cut it up? Well I know others do strip sets them cut. If that works for your needs great. I want control of the combinations I have. With a strip set you have several segments that have the same pieces in them. Yes you pair it up with different segments. I just challenge myself to make different choices. There is no wrong way. You have to cut just as many times. So I have added lots to this container since I took the picture. 

My plan was to clean yesterday and it didn't get done. I have laundry to do and clean. Then as I find a few minutes I need to get some more denim squares stitched. I have several different things going on and I need to be focused to accomplish the things I have in the process. 

I found out Autumn the almost three year old is getting a twin bed for her birthday in March. I have a courthouse steps in the process. It is big enough so I need to get it sandwiched and quilted. She needs a dresser also. So I will be on the look out for a dresser that is suitable for a three year old. 

It is suppose to get light earlier in the day so maybe Spring is around the corner. The talk is the Polar Vortex is to hit this next week. I didn't need to hear that again ever in my life, but we live in NW Illinois so anything can happen. 

Going to start my day and get something done. Good, bad or ugly. Have a good one. Chris 

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