Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sorta a bad day here

I say that, but really it is me. Woke up and spilled a cup of coffee on the new carpet. That set the mood I think. I have been so careful about things and I guess just got careless.

After cleaning that I up I moved to the table to drink my next cup. I got dressed cleaned up dishes ran the dishwasher and every time I turned around tears were flowing. I guess tired of being sick. Tired of hurting, also tired of being couped up in the house.

The weather isn't real bad other than it is so cold and the windchill is subzero temps. Not fir to go out in and be safe for sure. Some of the schools in the area closed today worried about the temps and kids waiting in the cold for the buses.

Doing laundry and trying to figure out which way to turn. There is always cleaning don't think that suits me today. There is dusting no way. There is sewing and I guess I should be doing that, but my body is telling me it isn't in the mood.

Still waiting on window installation, but it is to cold to be outside working in the cold. Can't blame him for not wanting to start that project.

Well I hope you day is going better than mine. Chris

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Carol said...

There will be better days Chris....i think the weather has a lot to do with your mood....i had one 2 days ago...i too am needing to get out of the house even if it is to the grocery store....take a YOU day today...you deserve it!