Sunday, January 17, 2016

Did some more cleaning and some piecing

Today was a disjointed day for me. I did nap and my Granddaughter called and said she was on her way to visit. So I was about ready to get up and I got ready for her to come.

I bought Chuck Taylor shoes for her at Christmas time and they didn't fit. I returned them and she found some to fit her yesterday. I told her I would pay for them s she came by and had Grandpa check her tires and also help change windshield wiper blades. She ate while she was here and left to go see her other Grandma.

I did go in and clean some more picking up done and moved a lamp to see better with and then sat and did some 2 inch square piecing. It was on the desk so why not make a few more.

I have supper in the oven and waiting on it to be done.

The weather is brutally cold here. The windchill is like -20 degrees. At least we are not in the bad weather in Florida.

Today will be one of the somewhat non productive days in my estimation, but I am not trying to get to a horse race. It will happen. Stay warm Chris

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