Sunday, January 10, 2016

Need opinions please

I am in the market to buy a new iron. I have had Black and Decker, Rowenta, Proctor Silex, GE, Shark, Sunbeam, and I think they lasted all about 2-3 years or less.

I want something I can use steam in and still have the heat for dry pressing. I do quilting and not a lot of clothing ironing.

The current iron I have is one my Mother had it is a Rowenta and is showing a lot of age. The heating on it is fairly even, but before it goes out completely I need to look for another one.

I do not like the ones that shut down and you have to unplug to get them to work again. Had one like that and hated it.

When I was a kid my Mom had a GE iron and it was a dry iron with no holes in the sole plate. You had to sprinkle your clothing and press until dry. The solid sole plate would be an advantage. I was wondering what you have?

Did more sewing and cutting denim squares. Still assembling the parts of the blocks. Hopefully this week coming up I can get it completed.

Let me know what you use. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

I currently have a Rowenta but got one of those Oslios for Christmas. I have not used it yet but saw it on Missouri Star Quilting.

good luck. I hate buying irons. but we need them and I know they get a lot of use at this house too!

Frog Quilter said...

Wi use a vintage dry iron that has the best heat. I have a Oliso and a Rowenta steam generator in the closet. They sit there unused.

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

I am always thinking about a different iron. I had a rowenta and it was ok but one fall ( due to my jack Russell liking to pull cords) cracked the reservoir just enough that it leaks when I am using it for steam. The cord was a pain too. Now I use the cordless iron. It's plenty hot and you only have to move it if it's been ideal awhile to get it heated back up and it's quick. Trouble is that you have to recradle it in the base as there is no side you can sit it on. Both ends are pointy. So when pressing small patches or strips ( like when I sorted my scrap bin) was tedious.
I have always been mesmerized by those oliso irons in the quilting videos and friends swear by them. The handy foot pops out leaving your hands free to readjust, spin what your pressing. It's on mass drop right now and is a bundle with cutting mat, best press and I have joined the drop.
Anyone interested mass

Carol said...

I too dont like the shut down daughter got me just a plain cheap iron for Christmas...i think she got at Walgreens or somewhere like works fine...probably will last as long as the expensive one and it will use tap water for steam...