Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hopefully today

This morning hopefully will start another leg in home improvement. We have ordered windows for our house and all but one is here. 

The contractor is a friend of my son and he brought his tailor the other night so when the weather allows he has his equipment here to start. It rained all day yesterday so hopefully he can get started today. 

It is early yet and I haven't heard from him yet. He has to go pick up the picture window on his way also. We have a picture window currently, but we are getting side by side sashed windows instead. I would like to be able to open them up more. 

I did a bunch of block making yesterday trying to see how many more I need. I think I need about 12 more individual blocks and I will have an extra long twin quilt top. I have plenty of the 4-patches made. Just need the denim square in a square to finish. More denim cutting will happen after I do some running today. 

Meals are going to be a difficult adventure. I think because of cold wind today I will make a pot of baked potato soup. I can have the oven on while baking the potatoes. I know windows will be out for about 20 minutes per window. The high for today is 35 degrees. It is 31 degrees now so it will not go up much. 

Going to get my errand run as soon as the stores open and then be home for the rest of the day. I am anxious to get the top done and onto the next one. Hope you have a good day. Chris
UPDATE: He is sick with the crud so not coming.....

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