Sunday, January 17, 2016

Progress and parts and pieces

Got things moved again in sewing room. Still not great, but I can walk in now and not just have a small path. Making some progress with using up things also.

These are parts and pieces I have sewn while working on other things. Some call them leaders and enders I just grab what ever it laying there and work on it. 

I have 205 4-patches stitched up now. I was able to get into the dresser where the rest were and I can have an idea what is done. They are 2.5 inch squares made into 4-patches. Stitched, pressed and ready to use. 

Here is a free pattern I found which uses 2 inch squares for this block. I have a bunch of those done also. Lynette Jensen has this free pattern. 

Here are some more of the extras I have worked. I always have something ready to work on another idea as it hits me. I don't feel it is wasted time if I want something to stitch, but nothing with stress involved with it.  

Here are 16-patches made from 2 inch squares which is the size blocks used in this free pattern. I knew I would find something to use them for.  

This is 100 of the 4-patches all bagged up ready to grab when I want them. 

This is a better picture of Lynette Jensen's quilt. It is very attractive. The pinwheel part is HST's made from 3.5 inch squares and cut diagonally after being sewn. 

Using scraps or even FQ's is the way to go for this style of sewing. I need to do some pressing and also some clearing. Today is so cold no one wants to go out. So dinner will be using the oven tonight and we will enjoy our new windows and how cozy our house is compared to what we use to deal with. 

It was a lot of money to do this, but it will pay off in heating and A/C bills over time. We are setting ourselves up to sit pretty good and not have unexpected bills down the road. Not saying we won't but head them off if we can. We had to change the furnace so that should be good for a long while. 

Hope you have a warm and safe day. Chris 

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