Friday, January 22, 2016

Triangles Triangles Triangles

The other night I cut for over 2 hours. I decided to get some things farther along by cutting pieces and getting prepped to sew more parts together. This was started before Christmas. They were 16-patches I cut into 4 pieces diagonally. I then cut solid appearing pieces to make the diagonal square into a square in a square shape. Every once in a while I pick one up and keep stitching away on them. I have over 200 of the diagonal squares so I just keep cutting and stitching. 

While I was cutting I cut pieces for the pinwheel blocks I need for the quilt I showed you. I have 110 of the HST's sewn together and pressed. They are over sized so I need to trim them all. I need 284 of these to make 71 blocks. So a good start. Need to cut some more neutral colors into triangles to do more stitching. 

Here are the 72 16-patches I need for this quilt which when completed it will be a good sized twin quilt. These were made with 2 inch squares. Lots of cutting, pressing, and thread also. I think I have gone through about 20 bobbins of thread. Sometime I would like to research how many yards on a bobbin for this machine. 

This is the picture of the free pattern from Lynette Jensen. I still need to cut some more but getting closer to having enough to  construct this quilt. Love the free patterns. This could be made several different colorways or just as she and I have done in all scrappy fabrics. 

Yesterday the last window got put in place. Today the rest of the siding is getting put on the house. So glad this is all winding down and we can get back to a routine in our house. Not that this has been bad, but they guys are working out in the cold so I have been preparing a hot meal for them everyday. I feel a hot meal will help them when they have to go back out. 

They go into the heated garage and get warm at times, but the cold takes it out of them. We love the new windows and can feel a difference between new windows and also the house wrap. I hope I see a difference in my heating and air conditioning bills. The furnace hasn't run as often for sure. 

It is like getting a new house. Yes it cost money, but it will last a long time and be worth the effort and the money to get it all done. We had some windows we found out when they came out that were leaking and also the flange that holds the windows onto the house were cracked so it was time. 

I tried to get the best value for my buck and felt putting into my house was important. 

Hope you are all safe with the bad weather all over the country now. Chris

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