Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long week

Today has been a hard reality check for me. My husband is disabled and I now have him at home with a feeding tube and getting a hospital bed delivered tomorrow. We went to a procedure on Wed and ended up with surgery and now the feeding tube. He is a thin man anyway and he had gotten down to 109lbs in recent weeks. So We had to get into the Dr. and then got to a specialist then a surgeon. I am wore out and my body is screaming to slow down. It was a long night. We were up several times and then try and get comfortable again to go back to sleep. I hope he sleeps better tonight for his sake and for mine. Only rest will make the pain go away at this point. He has a positive attitude which is good so we try and make light of the problem. It brings tears to the eyes when your best friend is pleading with you to make the pain go away. Two incisions when you have no muscle tone and your are weak anyway is hard to fight back the fears and tears. Hopefully the feedings will make him stronger and he can have some quality of life for the remainder of his time. Chris

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Freezing Fog

Have you ever heard that term? Well I hadn't until lately. It was always hoar frost before. Must be a nicer term. Anyway we woke up to it this morning and it has lasted most of the day. Gray sky and fog besides. The temps are about 26* F and it just doesn't move. Better than a couple weeks ago when it was -17* F when you get up in the morning. Is Spring coming? I haven't seen many signs. I did look at the Lilac bush and the buds are getting bigger. The Bald Eagles are here and that is a sign that it will be coming in the next couple months. We hadn't seen many of them for most of my life and the last couple years they are really coming back to this part of the country. We live along the Rock River in NW Illinois. They like the trees and the water around here in the winter. Have you seen any signs of Spring? Chris

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hand piecing all scraps

This is the latest hand piecing project. At this point I think it will be a lap robe. These are all scraps I have pulled out of left over bags of scraps. I try and save anything over the size of a quarter because I applique.

I was surprised at three afternoons of cutting and piecing have made all these hexagons. Now the fun part is making sure no two are alike when I piece the top together.

The hexagons are about 1 3/4 inches on a side. Some people do this method in EPP. But I chose to make sure I hand stitched them with seam allowances and pressed the seams to the directions I wanted them to go.
Scraps can be fun to work with and also basically a free project because the fabric is already paid for. Chris

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Since Christmas Day I have been knitting. The grandkids are always needing more dry hats and cowls.
This was just scraps of yarn I got from my MIL. She use to crochet and I knit. I made the cowls so the kids can keep their necks warm with out the tails of a scarf. The stocking caps are nice and thick and they will keep them warm. They go back to school tomorrow. I think they need it. Vacation was to long for them. Chris