Sunday, February 28, 2016

Itty Bitty Pieces

Small pieces. Yes they are. The 4-patch parts are 1.5 inch squares sewn together into small 4-patches. Then the neutral pieces are 2.5 inches which are sewn into the larger 4-patches. There are almost a 100 of them. 

This is just a quick lay out. I may move the blocks so the 4-patches make a 16-patch. I might have to make a few more of these to get a decent size out of the blocks. 

This was for the most part a bag of small pieces and mini 4-patches I picked up at a thrift store. I stuck them away not sure if I would even use them. I found them the other day. There were some of them stitched into 4-patches and some just sewn into segments. Also there were squares. A while ago I stitched as much up as I could and put them away. I know some day the mood would strike. 

It is a bland look, but it is a utility quilt like they would have had for Summer use back in the day. The day being in my Grandmother's life time as a young girl. The scrap bags were left over pieces from clothing made over a year or so and they put it all to good use. 

In today's World we throw away small scraps. We do things a lot different. When you have small kids and potty training there are times that bedding is in the wash everyday. I have some large florals in amounts that can be used for backings so I think it will be a quick stitch up kind of quilt. 

Today is quiet here. We didn't sleep real well last night. I think the house was to warm. I was awake for over three hours during the night so it will definitely be a nap day around here. 

I can go in and see what other parts and pieces I have stuck away. Chris   

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another top finished

I decided it wasn't big enough so I added some borders. These were little 4-patches that were in a bag and I thought let's use them up. 

I think this would be good for a toddler bed or a nap quilt. I just measured it and it is 46 X 32. I maybe should add another border to try and get it closer to 45 X 60. 

It is sure colorful. I think a toddler would like the bright colors in it. I think when it is finished it will go into a bag for future grandkids or great grandkids, My little ones are graduating to larger beds and they have a ton of smaller quilts. 

I did some more cutting and piecing this afternoon. In the same drawer there were some smaller 4-patches. Most of those came in a bag from the thrift store. All good quality fabric, but what was I going to do with them. I hung onto them and decided to make an old fashion looking quilt. Four patches with a neutral. Then I make it into a larger 4-patch block. I will take pictures tomorrow. It will be like a utility quilt, but using up good fabric. 

While pulling out strips for the star blocks in the bottom of the tub I found Log Cabin blocks in the process of being made. There are 26 finished that my Mom had pieced and another 16 in the works. On another day when I am not tired I will pull them out and piece another top together.  This is only a dent in unfinished things she had started. 

I have enough of my own and now all these tops need quilting. Maybe someday it will all get done. Chris 

Pictures as promised

So here is the new machine. Yes it is plastic, yes it is a cheap machine, but has a good stitch and if it lasts me 10 years I will be over the moon with it. 

It is 100 built in stitches. Will I use them all, no. It has a perfect scant 1/4 inch straight stitch stitched programmed in. Also it has a straight stitch that is suppose to look like a hand quilted stitch. The jury is out on that one. I had a glass company cut a new piece of acrylic to place around the machine. Then my husband tweaked it to fit and I am so thrilled with that. Simple things make me happy. 

The biggest thing for me is the front drop in bobbin. No handling the bobbin case and getting tensions messed because you handled it. Yes it happens. Plus on this machine the bobbin winder works. I wore out two bobbin winders on two different machines. The light is a LED light and it is very clear. 

Remember last week I made the small blocks from tiny pieces I had in a bag in the drawer. I think the star part was about 6 inches with the seam allowance. Last night in the middle of the night while stumbling to the bathroom I got this idea to add bright colored strips around the stars in  the the log cabin style. I think this will be the center for a baby quilt or toddler bed. 

I sewed the strips around the stars on the new machine and I liked the way it handled. So today the dishes need finishing. I have a couple pans to wash. I was so tired after the girls last night. 

Today I have meat in the refrigerator that needs packaging up and placed in the freezer. Also need to plan something for supper. We have had fast food or not real healthy food all week. I need to get back on track. 

Sunny and suppose to be nice outside today. Hope to go out and try and pick up limbs out of the yard. Have a great day. Chris   

Friday, February 26, 2016

Been really busy, but it was fun.....

You can tell they are sisters. They are asleep and both of them have their arms up. They sleep this way most of the time. No sewing today because they were here. 

Katie is going to be 17 months old soon. She is like her older brother and doesn't want to talk. Derek when he was this age he let everyone else talk for him. She is tarting to talk more. Some things come out real plain and others are kinda understandable. She is a pistol. She has this devilish laugh makes me think she is going to be a spit fire.

My husband fine tuned the sewing desk so this new machine was at the right height and also made sure the acrylic plate fir snug around the base of the machine. tomorrow I will get pictures. I am wore out from having two little ones all day. Chris

Thursday, February 25, 2016

My intentions were good

First off I went out and bought a new sewing machine. Now before you judge I bought a cheapy one. I have two machines here that both of them cost about $2000 together and neither work right. They have been to 4-5 repair people and they can not figure out the trouble.

I do not do wedding work anymore all I do is sew quilts and some kids clothing. Well I could not justify the cost of another attempt at a repair or trading in the old ,machines and have a $2000-3000 bill to pay.

I decided after some research a cheaper new machine would work. Plus if it goes bad, I have a tendency to wear out machines, I can throw it away and buy another cheap one.

It is a Brothers machine and yes bought at a big box store. It was very reasonable and it has some features on it the expensive machines don't. I have a table/desk that has the tray to lower the machine to a level space. It had a template of acrylic to set around the machine. Well the new machine wouldn't fit this template so we made a pattern and had the local glass company cut a template to fit the table around the machine.

Last night and some today I played with the stitches on the machine and checked tension. I like this machine because it has the top drop in bobbin and it has a window so you see how soon you will run out of bobbin thread. The stitches are straight and almost a perfect stitch. I had a needle in the machine that was to big for the fabric I was using. The tension is perfect and the ease of setting the different stitches is just touching two buttons.

If you have a student that wants a good easy to use and affordable machine the one I got is the way to go. It is a Limited Edition of the Runway machine by Brothers. I had a cheap Singer machine from Walmart for 15 years and have literally wore it out. The bobbin winder quit almost 3 years ago, but I got a Sidewinder and fill my bobbins on it. That machine made me lots of money sewing for others. And it still works.

So you can understand my frustrations with these two Pfaffs that I can't get repaired by and authorized Pfaff repair person.  If I get half as much use out of the new one as I have out of the Singer I will be more than happy.

If the tension is good and the stitch is good it doesn't matter how much you spent on it if you are happy.

Today we got the last of the wallpaper off the walls in the kitchen and got everything cleaned up and ready for the new wallpaper after next week.

The two little ones are to come visit Grandma tomorrow. And the Oldest Granddaughter text me today and said she is coming Sunday and she wants a Grandma cooked meal. That makes me feel good that the stinker still thinks about me.

I am really tired tonight. I think I have a migraine trying to invade my head so I am going to watch some TV will reclining in my bed. Hope everyone has a good evening. Chris

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

6-8 months of stitching finally coming together

This required a lot of stitching and pressing and cutting to get this top this far. Started out as 2 inch squares sewn into 16-patches. Then cut diagonally . Then cut squares and cut them diagonally to fit around the bias squares. Lots of trimming after sewing the squares. That process of trimming happened over the last couple days. This morning I had some quiet time so I stitched the squares into 4-patch blocks. 

I laid them out to simulate the sashing I want to place between the 4-patches. Also to get some idea of the dimension of what the top will be. Mind you no pattern for this top. I am flying by the seat of my pants. I need to make 4 more of the 4-patches to finish out the size I want it to be. I have more of the smaller diagonal cut squares so just need to cut enough of the outer edging. 

The colors are muted because of the artificial light, but it is a pop of color and  I think framing them with a very dark sashing will make it look more intense.

I really feel like I am getting things done because of the fact it seems to be working better for me. I have had such a stifled feeling for months. I guess my moto now is when stressed go sew. You can see over the last few posts things are coming together better. Still have a long way to go to be normal in my life and I really feel I am in for another round of caregiver stress.

I have things to keep me busy depending on the need. I have a lot of hand stitching that can happen. After I get this top done I need to be measuring for backs. There are larger pieces in my Mother's fabric stash that can have things added to make a back for a couple of the quilts. Some just need to be purchased. So after this top is complete. I have to do measuring and list them along with color choices.

5-6 yard pieces should come in handy. But I think I need a king sized back so it will have to be 9 yards to make it work. My husband prefers a non pieced in different fabric backs. I know I am not doing it for him.

I thing the thing that is pushing me more to sew more hours a day is the TV and all this political stuff. My opinion is not in favor of all this name calling mud slinging and hateful rhetoric going on and we have months of this to live through. It is on both sides of the aisle. He said he said, She said he said and He said she said. Who believes who???? I can turn on Hulu or Netflix and get lost in a romantic or drama filled segment

The other sad thing is my husband cannot hear well so if he wants to watch it I leave the room to go elsewhere and I still can hear it. I know headsets are available, but then if he needs me I can't hear him. Tolerate Chris!

The guy that did our roof and windows is suppose to come by on Sunday or Monday. I want him to measure for a deck on the front of my house with a roof on it. I have visions of spending time out on this deck and enjoying more of the outdoor weather. I know about what the price will be, but not sure if it can be done with the roof line of the house.

Have to keep my mind open on that front. Now to get more done on the inside. Have a good day. Chris


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Now I am officially scared

While stitching on my little star blocks I started watching three episodes of Hoarders. I think I have that tendency to have a little of this disorder.

I am throwing away small pieces now. I hesitate and think what are you doing. I have been more productive the last week or so. No I am not as bad as them for sure, but it is something I have seen someone do and it was scary for that family when she passed away. They had three auctions and still threw things away.

I have made some progress with the little star blocks and I think with sashing there are enough now to make a crib quilt. I will get the top done and try and do some machine quilting on it and get it set aside for a gift when needed.

I am going to start throwing things away I promise. OMG it was a bad show to watch. Chris

Little pieces

 Yesterday in my search for something to try and finish and trying to consolidate my mess I ran across three bags of parts and pieces. Mainly they were squares in 1.5 inches and also 1.75 inches. Then there was a bag of 4-patches that were 3 inches square. So it was play time as to what could be made out of these.  One of the bags was purchased at the Thrift Center with the 4-patches already made. I just set them aside until I could come up with a plan. Some are all the squares different and some are two colored 4-patches, but they are the same size. I found some off white mottled Moda fabric that I could cut squares out of and also an white on white print to work with too. 

Here is part of my play time results. They are 5.5 inches at this stage of their construction. I think they are really cute. The center 4-patches are made from 1.75 inch squares and the flying geese parts are cut from 1.75 inch strips. I might make a baby quilt out of them. Still in the thought process on this one. 

Here are the 1.5 inch squares made into 4-patches with the Moda fabric in a square to make 4.5 inch 4-patches. Not sure about them either. Just fun to see the combinations as they are pulled out of the bags. 

I have a lot on my mind and couldn't lay in bed any longer so was up a little before 3 am. I am sure the rest of the day will be dicey as to how much gets done. Should clean. Threads and dog ears are tracking through the house. Heaven forbid I did some dust also. 

This is work from having small segments done and stored until the mood strikes me. Many times I just start sewing and make segments of a future block and when I get 60-100 of them made I then store them and eventually the clear picture hits me to figure out what to do with them. 

My goal today is to stay focused and see where this sewing takes me. I have a wall in my hallway that has nothing on it. Thought about making small quilts and making a collage of them on the wall. Hope you have a productive day. Chris  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Things are changing here.

Hate to say it, but things are getting worse. Not to the point of death, but my husband's health is changing. He has never been a big guy. Tall but slim. He is very frail now and he got on the scale the other day after being so sick and he is under a 100 lbs. We have had this conversation almost everyday he is not eating well.

He is trying, but reality hits that maybe it will not turn around. He isn't that old, but 66 and Parkinson's disease are not in his favor. He has bounced back before so time will tell.

So my time posting might get more strained. I am sure I will have to take over the outside work again during the summer. I don't mind, but it takes time away from doing sewing. I would love to paint and do things like this in the house, but it maybe will be on hold.

He says he is feeling better with the antibiotic he is on and some force feeding might get some strength back. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I see dust everywhere and yet I am trying not to make a lot of noise so he can rest.

Hope everyone has a good day. Chris

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The UFO pile is going down

Here is another one stitched together. It had the blocks made but not stitched into rows. This one I made the blocks. 4-patch in a Courthouse Steps block.It will fit a twin bed. I think it needs a border, but it is colorful. I showed it to my husband and he said "Where did that come from?" He has seen it but he forgot. 

I had a ton of strips cut to make this quilt top. The 4-patches are 2 inch squares made into 4-patches and the steps are strips that are 1.5 inches wide, Like colors for each block. Some of the light strips are toned like the colored side. 

I dug these out and started to square them up to 6.5 inch blocks. These are the 16-patches cut diagonally and the triangles place on the four sides. This will be another colorful quilt top also. 

I haven't shown you a picture of my little one lately. She is almost 17 months old now. She loves to go with Daddy. He owns a Fire School and his own firetruck. So she is in the firetruck with Daddy. How many little girls can go to school and say I was in my Daddy's firetruck? She looks like an Angel, but she is a little Tornado. But we love her this way. Never know what this one is going to do next. Katie loves to be outside and she spent the better part of the day being with Dad at the property.

I need to figure out a casserole for supper and maybe trim some more blocks. Hope you had a good sewing day. I sure did. Chris

Another top finished

Let me qualify the title. I pieced the rows together. My mom had the layout and the rows stitched and marked. I just finished the stitching she had done so far. She made all the blocks and had this in her closet waiting to be stitched together. I am not sure how long she had this top to the stage it was in.I know of three more that all in stages of being close to completing the top. so off and on I will try and get the rest to the top stage. 

I like log cabin to look at. Enjoy the picture it gives the eye, but I do not like making them. I guess the precise stitching to make them square is my issue. It isn't a speed sewing block. Lots of perfect stitching and also pressing needs to happen.

Not sure how the day is going to go today. My husband is somewhat better. He had a rough night, but with the antibiotic he figured he would. Hopefully this works this time. Have a good one. Chris

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finished.... The last sashing trips sewn on this afternoon. This is the first finished top for this year. I have two more almost finished.

Went and picked up a pizza for dinner and I decided I would measure this top. 74 X 88 inches. It is bigger than what I thought it was, but I am sure someone will use it and feel warm under it. This will be put in the piles for the Grandkids when they get out on their own. With 4 grandsons I am sure someone will like it. 

Nothing I want to watch on TV tonight so I maybe will work on some of the cutting for the other two in progress. Both require some pieces cut to get them to a finished state. I am not sure if I will get that far though. 

I have had a back ache for days and it just doesn't go away. I had lost weight when my Mom was sick and I know I have put it back on. So trying to eat a little better the last few days and see if I can turn this around. 

Hope you have a good evening. Not sure where my evening is going to take me. Maybe I should unload the dishwasher. Bye. Chris 

Goals went by the way side today

My husband has been ill for so long and he thinks he is getting better and doesn't. He has Parkinson's disease among other things and he doesn't have the immune system normal people have. So when the little people in our lives are sick he gets super sick. He has been fighting this since Thanksgiving.  4 antibiotics later and it is still making him sick. So we went to the walk-in clinic today and we walked out with three prescriptions and hopefully with the stronger medicine it will go away finally.
Remember about a week ago I panicked because I was running out of the light gray or silver thread I was using on a quilting project. I ordered more and several hours later I found another spool of it. I got the ordered spools today. 30,000 yards of thread. Hopefully it is enough for a few days.

I piece with this thread and basic machine quilting. It works in the machines I use and also it is a good price for the scrap quilts. I don't find the $8 a spool thread does any better. Some say it has more lint, but I don't agree so it is all in what you want to pay. I always say buy the best you can afford.

The sun is out and it is 57 degrees outside. I went out and did some bill paying and grocery shopping  after the clinic visit. So I should go out and do some yard picking up but it is soggy out there with all the snow melting. So it will have to wait another day.

We worked on the wallpaper removal yesterday and we are taking a break from it today. Maybe in a couple days we can go back to some more of it.

Not sure what we are having for supper so I guess I will have to go out and look at the freezer and see what I can find. Went grocery shopping, but nothing looked good to me. Maybe it is a carry out pizza night. I would like to get some sewing done so we will see when my husband gets up from his nap if he is in the mood for that. Take care Chris

Friday, February 19, 2016

Retail Therapy

I didn't get to go shopping until yesterday. I even got my husband to go. He didn't think he wanted to,but we got there twice in one day.This is the second visit purchase. We bought an antique trunk and an old mirror. They are in the garage. I will get a picture of them later. This was already redone so my husband didn't have to work on it. I had a shelf there for the TV, but we didn't want the shelf any longer. I can use this in other places in the house so we went back after it.  

As you can see we are making a little progress on the wallpaper removal. It is a slow process and we are not on any kind of deadline. 

As you can see we brought in the shop garbage barrel to keep it cleaned up as we go. Getting anxious to get it done now. Then I have to look for fabric for new curtains for the windows. Redecorating can get expensive. Have a good one Chris

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Almost done

It lacks the gray sashing pieces and the cranberry cornerstones on two side and then it is a top. I got up and decided today was the day to stitch this together. I have some chores to do then plano n getting this one complete and get the final pressing done. 

I haven't measures it yet, but it will be a good sized couch quilt if nothing else. I think I am going to leave it without borders. This is a simple 4-patch with 2.5 inch sashing and cornerstones. The 4-patches are 4.5 inches or they use 2.5 inch squares to make the 4-patches. 

It looks very striking to me anyway and it also is a twist on a traditional look that looks like it is more modern. Gray is the new neutral they say. It is a charcoal gray with brown tones in it. 

The other thing going on here is the red wallpaper in the kitchen is in the process of coming off. It is slow, but going well. We bought a steamer to remove the paper and it works better than what we thought. It was like $50, but worth the effort and money. It does loosen it up so all the scraping from before isn't going on. Hopefully by the time the weekend is over we will have the job all complete. Then the paper that we bought can go back on the kitchen. 

Suppose to be close to 50 degrees today. Almost 60 tomorrow. I saw a Robin the other day so a good sign Spring is close. I did see over 100 Canada Geese flying around the corn field last night. They have been confused this year because it hasn't been that cold so they don't know where they are suppose to be. 

The other thing is today is my Son's 39th birthday. Seems like yesterday he was born, but all the ups and downs of raising a boy I remember though. He has matured into a pretty good guy. Happy Birthday Dean.... Chris

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Retail therapy today

I have plans to get to the stores today and spend some money. Yes most will be on our everyday needs like food and cleaning supplies. I have a mental list, but need to write it all down. I normally go once a month and get the bulk of my shopping done. I lived in the country to long to not have eggs and flour and sugar in the pantry.

The store I want to go back to is an antique store. They had a old mirror with a walnut frame and also a steamer trunk. It is a more practical trunk than the one we have redone. It has a flatter top. I want my husband to look at it because he is the one to work the magic on redoing the trunk. My granddaughter wants the one we have so thought this maybe would be a birthday gift for her. She appreciates older pieces and ones Grandpa has redone also.

I need to get my list made and get my house chores finished before I leave. Temp is warming up and the melting will start to happen today through the rest of the week. Think I need to get the car to the carwash and get the salt cleaned off.

List gets longer. Have a good one. Chris

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Took a day off for my Birthday

Yes  I had a birthday on Valentines Day. Thank you for the Birthday wishes from all of you. I did sewing and also stayed at home. We got a snow storm and we just didn't need to be out on the road. So it was a quiet day. I last evening got started on assembling the big blocks for this top. I have this group almost complete. I need to add one more section to it. The gray sashing really makes the color pop. This was an experiment and I think it worked fairly well.

Today I need to run to the store and get a couple things and then home to try and get this top a little farther along. Then next order of business will be finding a back for this. I do not think I will add anymore borders to it. It will be a larger couch quilt. I bought a circle ruler the other day on sale and thought I could maybe use it to mark for Baptist Fan quilting and use my walking foot to accomplish the look. 

I have a thread order coming. Should be here in about a week. I panicked because I thought I was using all my silver that is the color, but it is light gray thread up and I use it a lot to quilt with. I looked everywhere and couldn't find any. I thought I had ordered more and it was very puzzling to me where it could be. So after an order for $59 of thread I found the new spool I hadn't even used. Oh well I have thread now. 

I try and wind bobbins in multiples so I have them ready when piecing or machine quilting. I hate to stop unthread the machine and rethread for one bobbin at a time. 

I think shortly I will get myself out the door and go to the store. We are to expect slushy snow today and I would rather not be out in it when it is going strong. Hope your day is safe and warm. Chris

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shifting piles

My table that is in front of the window was piled 18 inches high with fabric.Some was backing fabric and some is smaller pieces that need to be cut up into strips and pieces. I sorted through it all.

I started a pile for the next cutting session. I placed the yardages onto a shelf for backings or borders. I also decided I wanted to get the old machine set up. My Singer I have in the older cabinet does not wind bobbins anymore. The bobbins for the Montgomery Ward and the Singer use the same bobbins. I use the Montgomery Ward for piecing. So I like to have it around for nonsense sewing. It hums along and has a really good stitch plus all the bobbins can be wound on this machine.

The Pfaff I got from my Mother has been breaking threads. It did it for her also. I was planning on taking it to the local Pfaff dealer who has a repairman, but I overheard her saying a couple months ago that he was ill. I called the other day to see if he was working and he must really be ill because he is in Chicago at a big hospital.

The closest dealer is in Rockford which is about 50 miles away and that means a trip and then go back for it later. It has been to three different dealers for repair and they can't seem to find out what is wrong. No matter what kind of thread you use it breaks the top thread. Sews for quite a while and then it breaks.  So toying with not getting it fixed now and just using what I have.

I thought about trading it in, but then it would take another $3500 plus the trade in. Not for the amount of sewing I do. If I did wedding work I wouldn't hesitate, but this type of sewing I am fine with using the dumpster machine That is pictured above. Yes you read that right. My husband found this in the dumpster after a big rummage sale weekend we had here in the community we live in.

It didn't have the motor/light block for the controller, but I had one from another old machine. So some clean up and a new belt and it stitches like a dream.

In the next couple months I need to get some of this stuff finished up. I am getting new flooring in the sewing room. I will be getting rid of this ugly old carpet. I have some new vinyl plank flooring going to be installed. I can't wait. Then I can clean the floor easier and also the desk chair which is on rollers will move easier.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day. Chris

Post #1901

Yes over the years I have posted 1900 posts.I didn't know I had that much to say.

Today is going to be my day because I am going to go antiquing. I like to go look and see what people consider antiques. I have been collecting family things for years and I find out some of them are worth a bundle of money. Others are just sentimental.

There is a couple antique stores in the next town and one of them I have never been in. I am not looking for anything in particular. It has to talk to me. I can't get large pieces anymore because we have no more room for large pieces.

I might look for sewing stand or smaller things. We are in the process of redecorating the kitchen so something for there could come up also. It will be fun to look.

I have always tried to find items that will look go in other areas of the house. When trying to get a new look I shop the things I have in my own house to change looks. Less money that way.

Today will be fun, bit it is really cold out. Windchill is way below zero so I plan on going only a couple places and staying inside the places for a long period. I do need to get gas for my car, but may wait until it is a little warmer out. Standing out in the cold and wind is no fun this kind of weather.

Stay warm Chris

Friday, February 12, 2016

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle

Sat and watches some TV while I ate my salad for lunch and I realized by watching a commercial for Valentines Day that this year I would not have my Mother to spend my Birthday with.

Reality hit home real hard. See I was born on Valentines Day and it was always for 63 years a day my Mother and I connected. Maybe she was living in Arizona, but we always talked that day. I guess this year I will have to put my big girl panties on and face it.

It gets easier, but you never forget.

Today is going to be my day. I need to figure out how to get a little more organized. I have my old machine and cabinet in the extra bedroom. I have been off and on quilting on a quilt in there. More off than on and I really do need to get it finished.

All this power sewing I have been doing is fine, but reality says you are not finishing anything. After I get around and get myself together this morning I plan on getting the vac out and going in there and making a dent in the process. I have to start getting tax papers ready to do taxes also.

So I will make progress, but not anything visual. I plan on trying to cope today and hope you have a good one. Chris

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Some of this and some of that

Boy the month is going fast in my estimation. Stitching some here and there. Yesterday was a bust day. I got very little done. Didn't even sew at all. 

 Here is the size of the blocks that are finished. Need to cut some more solid fabrics to get this farther. The colors in the picture don't pop as much as they do in real life. To me it is more masculine with the dark gray and deep cranberry cornerstones.
This pile is some of that sewing. As I need to press I make a few more of these blocks. 2.5 inch squares sewn into 9-patches. This pile is now up to 86 finished 6.5 inch blocks. All very scrappy and will be used in the future. I can use three times this many for 3 quilts. So this will be an ongoing part of my sewing habits. A few here and there. 

Then the pile of small pieces from cutting or miss cut pieces were laying beside the machine. Can't throw them away so make them into made fabric. Or as some call crazy/crumb blocks. It is interesting the look of the blocks when they are squared up. I made three of them today and had two done from the other day. So the count now is 15 of them sewn. I need to get a few more done to make a quilt top. 

This is one of the crazy/crumb blocks I made today. The squaring up hasn't happened. You can make them as large as you like. There is no foundation behind this block. I just sew 1/4 inch seams and press. I think this batch will be sashed and the Baptist Fan will be sewn in each of the blocks. The final look of the quilt is unknown as of now. The look varies from one quilt to another. 

Today is cold and very cold again tonight. I keep thinking Spring will be here soon. We are really fortunate though. We have not had really cold temps and lots of snow, but we have had germs and the crud never goes away. So maybe a hard winter would have been better. 

Hope everyone has a good day. Chris  

Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowing here

Not a lot of snow expected, but the wind is causing visibility problems. I need to go to town, but will wait until later.

I did some cutting yesterday and a little sewing. I did get a lot of picking up done and ran the vac in the sewing room. The thread snips were everywhere and I was tracking them through the house. Plus the dust needed to be gone to help with my sinuses.

I think today will be a planning day. We have another window frame and sill to install so it will be a day of trying to get that in and clean after the installation. It is a slow process, but we really don't have a deadline to meet.

Sewing maybe will happen on a few minutes here and there today. I tried to watch some programs on the computer that have been available through the network websites. Since January 1 they are not available anymore. So you have to pay for a streaming service if you can't watch them when aired free on the networks. Not happy over that move, but we are at their mercy.

I maybe will forgo watching one of the programs because of that. They are programs I like to watch on different networks at the same time. We do not have a DVR we have a free to air antennae. So have to adjust to the technical world out there.

Hope you have a good day. Chris

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Did lots of sewing yesterday

Still not done. I have four more rows to finish then make sure I like the way they are laid out for the final construction of the top. I need to cut a few more neutral triangles to complete the lay out. Really would like to see this one finished. I have to figure out a border fabric. I think I have something but until I get the center done not sure of yardage.  

Here is a straight on picture. Lots of pieces in this quilt. The illusion is they are set on point, but actually they are on a straight setting. The pinwheel block makes it looks different. It shows motion and makes the illusion of an on point setting. 

The sun is coming up and pretty pink and gray sky. Not sure what today will bring. It is suppose to get close to 50 degrees here. 

I have been so sick and trying to figure out what is causing it. We got new carpet, new windows and also now he is framing out the windows and stain and varnish on the wood. The fumes are playing havoc with my sinuses. We do have a humidifier because we have forced air heat. Oh yeah that is another thing a new furnace. 

Yesterday we went to the hardware store and I could breath fine. Different atmosphere. Got home and plugged up again. So he went on a mission to see what we can do to correct it. I am latex sensitive so we thought of the carpet, can't change that. The stain and varnish will ease up over time. I had gotten an odor eliminator product out and it helped some. 

I went into lay down and he went to the new furnace. I wasn't involved with the installation he was watching the furnace guys. There was a fresh air intake that had been hooked to the old furnace and they abandoned it and said the new furnaces didn't need it. 

He questioned it and with the installation of the new windows and also wrapping the house under the siding we cut down on drafts and less fresh air getting in. He knows enough about furnaces he reinstalled the fresh air intake and I started to feel better. The house was to tight and not getting enough fresh air. 

Not saying the other fumes aren't effecting me, but after all this time I can breath again. We haven't had enough cold weather top kill off germs this year and you no more than get over something like a virus and it comes back. So everyone in our area is really suffering badly with the crud.

Hopefully today you all have a great Sunday. Super Bowl I think is today. We are not sports people so I am not sure what is on TV. Yesterday I went to stream two TV shows that are on network TV and they weren't streaming so need to try again today. Take Care Chris

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Up early and started this process.

Not your normal colors to use as sashing. The gray is more masculine and the deep cranberry do make a nice pair to pull all this color together. I have more of the blocks in stages of stitching. I need to stop and cut some more strips and squares to get the rest of them stitched.

Today is suppose to be warm. I think I am going to stay in because it is so wet outside. There is mold everywhere right now. I am finally getting a control over the allergies. 

Stitching could be my form of entertainment today. Maybe I can get this closer to being a top if I work at it. I have some other blocks in the works and will work on getting them done to get the 16-patch with the pinwheels. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm still up

All that crazy stitching is coming together. I got the gray solid and the cranberry washed and dried. Glad I did because a lot of dye came out onto the Color Guard Sheets. I sat and cut 2.5 inch strips and diced them into segments and started stitching again. I showed my husband and he thought it looked like a guy quilt with the darker colors. I think I will cross hatch quilt it with black thread.

It looks like some of it didn't meet up but it needs a better pressing. I need to get the ironing board out and use some steam to press them better. Simple design, but the colors make the quilt. 

I have always said how many designs can there be with squares, circles and triangles and rectangles? In this day and age all the designs have been made they are just pairing them up with different blocks and different colorways. 

Still have many more segments to sew together. I don't think what I like to watch is on TV tonight so I will watch the one show and cut strips while watching it. Chris

Energized, but not the Bunny

 I feel like the Energizer Bunny, but I know that is going to go away fast. I went to bed early early last night because I was feeling so bad. My allergies have wreaked havoc on my body. Between the carpet tear out and installation which all have smells and dust and the window replacement, Warmer weather and rain which causes mold and also the stain and varnish smells I am a mess. My sinuses shut down last night. So I got up early and did a little piecing. These are 2-patches to be sewn into 4-patches and the squares are 2.5 inches.

Yesterday I went shopping and found a black solid and a charcoal gray solid fabric I liked and so it is in the washer getting all the dye to release I hope. I found some royal blue and a deep cranberry in my Mother's fabric and I am going to work with these colors to sash the 4-patches. These are for the grandkids when they get older and start their own households.
I stitched several more of these together and also in sections ans pressed what I had cut. I need to cut some more of the neutral and I have it laying out to be tackled. 

Lots of stitching a little here and there and I have piles of blocks made. I think I have made over 300 4-patches. So they are stitched and pressed and when I get the sashings dry and cut I will tackle the rows. I have several more sets of blocks waiting to be matched with sashing or borders to make tops. 

If I buy a little at a time and bring it in my husband doesn't get as wild about giving me a hard time. The solids I bought were a good price so I bought 5 yards of each. Black and gray can be used many places. 

I am off now to take some sewing back to a neighbor and maybe go to the store to get something to go along with supper. Take care Chris 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lots of sewing

This is the Lynette Jensen quilt I am trying to make. Lots of cutting and stitching.

This is 5 rows sewn together in rows. I think it is really looking good. 2 inch 16-patch blocks with pinwheel blocks. It is set straight, but looks like it is set diagonally.

This is all scrappy. No restrictions, pick up and sew. The light triangles are all the same fabric just because I had enough. A scrappy HST would add more interest.  More rows are in the works. I have HST's stitched but not pressed. After while I will go back in and get the rest of the made HST's assembled into blocks. I still maybe will need to cut the neutral HST's to get the right number done. 

This was a project from last year. It maybe will be a table topper. Not sure I like all the different triangles in this block. I have several made. I will ponder the outcome as the day goes on.

The 4-patch in the middle is 2 inch squares. The next layer is all pieced with different neutrals, then anther layer of triangles that are all different. This was a weak moment when I thought the more the better. 

Here are the 2 inch 25-patch blocks cut diagonal and then framed with triangles that read mostly solid. Here is the two sides sewn on and ready to apply the other two sides. 

This is the segment you start with. Busy... But yet it is dull also. Muted colors and the outside border makes a huge difference. 

This is the same block with the teal colored frame attached. It makes the colors pop with out a lot of bright contrasts like red or orange.

Here is a general look of what these blocks look like side by side. I have a ton of these sewn together and soon there will be enough to make a top. As I cut new fabrics to add to my strips I cut pieces to add to the large number of these blocks. I think there is enough of the diagonal cut squares to make two quilts. Which as I sew I do a few and stack them up. 

The biggest think with me as other quilters when there is a lot of repetition I get bored. I have to work on some more challenging things in between to challenge my skills. I stopped for now because I have to wind bobbins again. Using a lot of thread and cutting a lot of smaller pieces. 

I have to start buying yardage for borders and backs. I need to get a small notebook and add the amounts so when I am out I can pick up a piece here and there. 

Raining and sleeting at the same time. I think we are to get a small amount of snow. We dodged the bullet on this round. Chris